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Increase Sales At Your Restaurant With A Proven Winner…

The DFY Red Envelope No Peeking Promotion

Increase Sales At Your Restaurant With A Proven Winner…

The DFY Red Envelope No Peeking Promotion

How This Works Getting Your Customers Back Quicker, Spending More

It’s a simple colored envelope, customized for whatever month you choose given out to your customers – one to each table or carryout / delivery order. Inside, there are various prizes from your restaurant that your customers can win, but they can’t PEEK until they bring the envelope back with them to be opened by one of your staff to see what they won. It’s that simple.

This promotion works like crazy because everyone loves to win! We have been doing this promotion for thousands of restaurants for the past 19 years. It has been proven and tested in all 50 states and Canada and… IT WORKS!

Works For Dine In

Works For Carryout

Restaurant Owner Increases Sales $110,128 With No Peeking Promotion

Watch this restaurant owner reveal the secrets to using The No Peeking Promotion to increase his sales by $110,128 with an 82% redemption rate.

Tom’s Secrets:

  • Highlight a small prize on the envelope, but don’t include any certificates for that prize inside. We all know that no one likes winning the smallest prize.
  • Have one grand prize to give away that gets people excited. This may include: a Smart TV, an iPad, a trip for two, or even a pair of tickets to a sporting event or concert. Don’t forget to take pictures when you give the winner their grand prize!
  • Simple prizes to give away may include: a free appetizer, dessert or beverage, a percentage off the bill, a BOGO coupon, gift cards, etc. Pick the prizes that work best for your business.
  • Send out reminder emails (Super Charge your promotion)

The No Peeking Promotion Works For…


The No Peeking Promotion has been proven and tested to work by tens of thousands of restaurants in any location, size and style. Works for:

Fine Dining – Casual Dining – Contemporary Casual
Family Style – Carryout Only – Fast Casual
Fast Food – Cafe – Buffet


 Slipstream marketing makes this a powerful promotion. We will theme your envelopes with any style and design for every month throughout the year. Customization is available for special events happening at your restaurant, too!

$90,000 in Sales! I used No Peeking for first time this past January & February. I was up in sales $90,000 between the two months!
Gianelli's Pizza &Chicken Man
Over $61,349 In Sales! Better return every year! Red envelope sales over $61,349!
Angel Harper
Mocha Cabana
Sales Up Over 21%! Most successful promotion in 23 years. 82% Return and Sales up over 21%!
Tom Beckmann
Sluggo's Sports Pub & Grill
Top Sales Month! This promotion gave us one of our top sales months for the year.
Craig Spencer
Main St. Grille
Extra $9871 In Sales Most successful promotion I have run! Brought in an extra $9871.
Serena Zinsmeister
Owner, The Breakwall Food & Spirits
ROI of 762.89%! Best promotion we have ever done! We do it every year, ROI of 762.89%!
Tory Nelson
The Wapiti Pub
Sales Up $18,944 34.4% Redemption rate. Additional sales up $18,944!
Brett Knisely
Lake Inn Food & Spirits
52% Redemption One of our 3 best months. 52% redemption. Loved it!
Chad Kimmel
Owner, Grand Illusion Hard Cider
40% Return 40% return. Can't wait to do Red Envelope again.
David Binstock
Owner, Fuddruckers
6 to 1 ROI 7th year doing Red Envelope with you. 6 to 1 ROI. Great comments from customers.
Dean Gonsior
FIREBREW Bar & Grill
Sales Up 29% Sales up 29%! Huge Success. No question in my mind, we're doing it again.
Karen Marshall
Marcella's Pizzeria
12.25% Increase In Sales! 61% redemption rate! 12.25% Increase in sales!
Kevin Beshara
Colonial House Restaurant & Bar

Supercharge Your No Peeking Sales With Our DFY Supercharger System

Includes three emails we send to your email list. Two in the month you hand out your envelopes to get customers in; then one email reminding them to come back to see what they won. All done for you! Simply check the box on your customization form to add the Supercharger to your No Peeking Order.

You Might Be Thinking…

YES! This promotion works for both dine-in AND carryout, even in a pandemic. Whether you’re at 25%, 50%, or 100% capacity, your customers will be rushing back to your restaurant to see what they’ve won.

We will help you pick prizes that work best for you. We have been doing this for 19 years, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

Our No Peeking promotion works in any market, for any style of restaurant. From casual to fine dining to everything in between, this will work for you. No Peeking works so well that even the big corporate chains use it – maybe you have seen it done in the past.

YES! It works so well because it’s easy, stands out, and fits in with current celebrations during each month. No Peeking uses psychology and curiosity to drive your customers back to your restaurant. They can’t wait to rush back to see what they’ve won because everyone loves to win.

Any time! It works for…

January: New Year
February: Valentine’s Day
March: St. Paddy’s Day
April: Easter
May: Spring or Cinco de Mayo
June: Summer
July: Christmas in July
August: Back to School
September: Labor Day
October: Halloween
November: Thanksgiving
December: Christmas

And don’t forget, we can customize your envelopes for any special celebration at your restaurant – anniversaries, grand openings, events, etc. Just let us know what’s going on at your restaurant, and we will make it happen.

We do it all for YOU and will work with you to make your promotion a success. We design, print, stuff, and ship your envelopes to you in time to start passing them out to your customers. We offer our expertise because we know what works. There isn’t anything we haven’t seen, tried, and tested for the No Peeking promotion.

You could, but…

We know you’re busy, and we know what works. As you know by now, this promotion has been proven and tested for 19 years, and IT WORKS. Let us do all the work for you at an unbeatable price. Marketing is an investment, and we understand that you are using your hard-earned dollars to expect a return. That’s why we want to do all the work for you. We just need your prizes and quantities and your approval on the artwork. Hand out ALL your envelopes and watch your hungry customers come back with cash in one and have their No Peeking envelope in the order. It’s that easy!

It’s As Easy As 1…2…3


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We will send you a proof, then we print, stuff, seal, and mail your money-making envelopes to hand out right away. We do all the hard work for you!

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