What could this magical marketing strategy be that works so well that businesses do it every month and see results like 87% redemption, 500% + ROI, and 69% sales increases?

Is it an all-elusive marketing unicorn that only a few businesses know of?

Do you need some special software or secret code or some ancient trick to achieve the top of the summit for marketing success for your business?

Nope, it’s a lot easier than you think. It’s called a Bounce Back promotion. And it works so well because it incorporates many solid marketing strategies that have been proven successful over the decades.

A bounce back is a promotion that you give your existing customers to get them back into your business quicker and spending more money. It keeps you top of mind.

You know what I’m talking about here, I’m sure you have gotten one from a business you give money to. I will give you a crude example- you buy something at your local grocery store, and they give you a certificate to come back by a certain date, and on your next visit, you will receive a 25% discount.

That’s very basic and very elementary, and I don’t recommend doing that. It’s a straight discount program but better than doing nothing at all. But I know your better than that. So, I will kick it up a bunch of notches on the ladder to marketing success and give you key points that puts any bounce back on steroids.

Watch this short video I shot where I go through the key points and give you an example for a successful bounce back for next month.

Key Points

Key Point #1:

One of the key points I discuss in the video is called slipstream marketing. This is a very important marketing technique that uses what’s already on the mind of your customers to supercharge your marketing and make it twice as effective.

Let’s use October, for example. What is everyone thinking about in October? If you’re in the north, it’s changing of the seasons and starting the fall season, football is underway and so is hockey. October festivals for those of you that enjoy a cold tall one. And the biggie, Halloween!

Halloween is the second largest holiday for consumer spending in the country. Consumers will spend more than $8 billion dollars in the month of October! That averages out to about $92 a person. And it just keeps going up. Trust me, your clients are thinking about little green goblins, witches, candy and what the kids are going to be this year.

Why not use that to help catapult your bounce back promotion to the top of the herd? That’s what slipstream marketing is all about. The term is taking from the auto racing industry where it is called drafting.

Key Point #2:

The other point that I need to make about bounce back promotions is that they are almost 100% guaranteed delivery to your best customers. The ones who already know and love you. That is a huge hurdle to get over when creating any successful marketing campaign. We recommend having your staff give them out directly to your customers. This is one of the key factors in why bounce backs are so powerful for making sales. I’ve had clients that have had over 90% redemption rates if the offer is compelling enough.

Key Point #3:

Have a prominent expiry date on the front and back of your promotion. Not matter whatever you are doing or using, if you don’t have an expiry date that people can easily make out, you have no sense of urgency. And let’s face it, we are all busy, distracted, and forgetful. If you don’t motive people into action, they’re not going to do something. Giving them a deadline when you want them to act is key.

Key Point #4:

Don’t have a stinky offer. I don’t recommend an offer like 10% off for a single promotion. It’s boring, not compelling, and everyone else is doing it. Unless you are selling $100k Mercedes, then let’s chat. You need to get creative and stand out from your competition. Don’t get cheap with your marketing. Try to offer something as a bounce back that has a high perceived value that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Something when people see it, they will say- I want that! Don’t underestimate how difficult this part is it will make or break the success of your promotion. We have had lots of experience with what motivates people to return- trust me, make it good.

Key Point #5 (And My Favorite):

Have fun with your customers and staff with your bounce back promotion. Everyone needs some happiness in their lives, especially right now! Don’t be boring- you won’t get noticed. Why not try something a little different that makes your customers stop and take notice and take action. That’s what a good promotion should do for your sales.

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