As a small business owner, you know that competing against the big guys can be challenging. They’ve got PR teams, a marketing team of wizards, print houses, and deep pockets to do all the “brand marketing” we all get inundated with.

Direct mail marketing is one way to level the playing field (or really blow past them in a blaze of glory). Yes, that’s right, I said it – “PRINT.”

This powerful tool can help you reach your existing customers and generate more sales with its ability to be personalized and customized specifically for your business.

One of the easiest and most effective is a printed customer newsletter as part of your multi-channel marketing strategy.

Really, Direct Mail? Isn’t That Dead?

Hey, not so fast.

Yes, direct mail has been used for decades. Any idea who did it first?

Direct mail marketing originated in 1892 when Sears Roebuck & Co. mailed a simple handwritten postcard selling a watch. They got a whopping 2 thousand orders in return from 8,000 postcards sent. Needless to say, they kept doing it – which led to the Sears catalog we all poured over every Christmas as a kid. But as technology has evolved into cheaper, faster communication methods, many businesses, both big and small, have eliminated physical mail from their marketing campaign plans.

Big mistake. Fortunately, that means big opportunity.

That’s why we call it a stealth marketing technique. There’s value in doing what others AREN’T doing, especially when it’s a proven marketing strategy that is usually overlooked.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail marketing is still more than twice as effective as email marketing in generating response rates. And, when you combine direct mail with other channels like email, social media, and your website, response rates can be up to 13 times higher! That means MORE SALES.

Direct mail is an effective marketing tool because it allows you to target specific customers. The people who have already given you money and know and like you. By sending a newsletter, you can increase your chances of getting more customers to take action and buy more – and more frequently.

Additionally, direct mail newsletters are a great way to drive traffic into your business. As we’ve said before, no one wakes up in the morning thinking about your business. Sorry. You need to encourage them, remind them and give them reasons to return. Especially if your newsletter gives them an exclusive special offer, access, or opportunity.

But we’ll get to that in a bit.

Mail A Newsletter? But That’s Old School!

Yep, and sometimes “Old School” works best.

Remember, a printed newsletter is a tangible piece of marketing that people can hold in their hands, pass around, and pin to the fridge. If you do it right. It’s a physical reminder of your business.

Emails? They disappear into your inbox history, quickly forgotten. (If they ever even get opened.)

A printed customer newsletter is an effective way to stay in touch with your customers and build relationships with them. By including relevant, valuable content in your newsletter, you can show your customers that you’re an industry expert and positioned to solve their problems. Additionally, a well-written newsletter can help to build trust and credibility with your readers more effectively than an email.

A print newsletter also gives you something that email, texts, and social media don’t have. Time and space.

A print newsletter gives you much more room to tell a compelling story, explain the why, and provide detail. It also gives you much more time in front of your customer.

Emails are frequently scanned or ignored as so many come into people’s inboxes daily. And social media posts are quickly scanned and scrolled past – you need to say something pretty unique to stop them from scrolling to get their attention.

We use a phrase in digital marketing – “Stop the Scroll.” Sometimes in digital marketing, we simply try things to grab attention, and has nothing to do with the message.

Printed material sits on a counter, is perused simply because it’s there, and gives you much more of your customers’ attention than anything else.
A physical mail campaign, paired with an email campaign, can go a long way towards proving to them why you are better than all your competition.

There’s Cash In Consistency

To maximize repeat and referral business, it is absolutely essential that you communicate with your customers on a frequent and consistent basis – we suggest a monthly printed newsletter.

Make it a routine, send it at the same time every month, and establish a pattern.

The newsletter gives you a reason to contact your customers every month and gives them reasons to return.

So What Do You Write About?

The effectiveness of direct mail will be in direct relation to your content.

Ideally, your newsletter entertains and creates pleasurable emotions. Since the purpose is to build a connection, think of it like a friendship you are forging. Friends are built on trust, shared experiences, and memorable experiences. The same goes for the relationship between customers.

Use personalization when possible, merging your customers’ names or other information you have gathered, such as reward points. If you have your customers in a rewards program, segment your lists and speak to each group directly – VIP customers, lost customers, and seasonal customers. Whatever groups you can target effectively.

Humor and laughter are great emotions to create a connection, as are nostalgia, curiosity, accomplishment, safety, well-being, and belonging.
You want to write as if you are talking to a friend, someone you know personally. Let your customers know “what’s in it for them” by talking about the benefits you deliver, not simply listing the features.

Features tell customers what, and benefits tell customers why. Features are the facts. Technical or descriptive parts of what you sell. Benefits are why that feature matters to your customers, i.e., what does it DO for them?

  • Highlight new and exciting things happening in your business – special events, sales, limited-time deals, new products or services.
  • Mention as many customers as possible – either as testimonials, re-print online reviews, or talk about a specific occurrence (with permission, of course) that you had with a customer. People LOVE hearing their name and publishing it is even better. Include photos when possible.
  • Share some “behind the scenes” articles. It could be how you make something in the kitchen or how you prepare a car to return to its owner. How you open the business for the day, a staff birthday celebration, or other special events.
  • Tell the story behind your business name, logo, or origin story. People like to hear how you came to be, especially if it came with a challenge or a heartwarming story.
  • Share a throwback image. Have you got pictures from the early days of the business? When it was a smaller location, when a familiar staff member was much younger, or a street scene of the business “back in the day.” People love nostalgia, and it shows your longevity.
  • Tell funny stories or jokes – they don’t need to be yours; the internet is filled with them.
  • Use famous quotes – make sure you give credit when credit is due.

You can not assume that everyone knows everything you do – and all the problems you solve. If they don’t know – IT’S YOUR FAULT!

You need to be the fountain of knowledge. Tell them you store winter tires, teach basic car maintenance classes to new drivers, do catering and takeout, that an author is coming to sign their books, or an art demonstration is happening. Whatever is happening in your business, either regularly or once, shout it from the rooftops.

Your newsletter is your money-making megaphone.

How To Tell If It’s Working

Every piece of marketing you send – direct mail, email, newspaper ads, and your newsletter – needs to have a call to action to measure how effective the results are. A call to action is giving them a specific offer if they take a specific action by a specific date.

  • “Make an appointment for X by Y, and you will get Z – call to book at 1-234-567-8900.”
  • “Bring this newsletter in by X to get Y.”
  • “Come in and whisper the secret phrase to get X before it’s gone forever on Z.”

You get the idea. “Visit soon” isn’t a call to action.

How To Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts

When it comes to a direct mail campaign, there’s no doubt that it has a powerful impact. However, when you combine direct mail with digital marketing, the results can be even more impressive.

Send an email to your list before the newsletter arrives, telling them that it is on its way, what to watch for, and teasing them with content snippets and that there is something special in it for them.

A second email before your newsletter offer expires can be sent to remind them to take advantage of the special opportunity you sent to them.

Anytime you combine multiple media formats, you will improve the effectiveness of direct mail and impact your sales results.

Multi-channel marketing is essential because it allows you to reach your customers with various messaging. This increases the chances that you will reach more of your customers and helps build stronger customer relationships. When you combine direct mail with email marketing, you’re providing your customers with multiple touch points, which can help to create a more personal connection.

Additionally, multi-channel marketing makes it easier for customers to interact with you. Emails can provide a simple link for them to respond with an appointment booking or reservation.

The hardest part of marketing is that you have no idea when the best time is or what the correct media is to connect with your customers.
Sending your message out through various channels at various times ensures your highest success rates. Plus, they can choose the channels that work best for them and switch back and forth between them as needed. This flexibility can be highly beneficial to customers and increase your sales.

If you’re looking for a stealth marketing technique to help you make more money, then do what many others aren’t doing. Direct mail marketing is worth considering due to its high rate of return on investment. It’s an incredibly effective way to reach your target audience and get the results you’re looking for.

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