For restaurants looking to hire employees, the internet is an excellent resource for finding candidates and researching job applicants to ensure they are the right fit for their restaurant.

Consider, though, that the coin also has a flip side.

Potential job applicants are also investigating YOU long before filling out your online application. They want to get a sense of what it might be like to work in your restaurant. Candidates want to understand what the company is like and how it is perceived by others.

No question, candidates are reading your online reviews. They’re also checking out your social media profiles and website to get a feel for the company culture. This is why it’s so important to have a solid digital presence and a positive reputation. If you want to attract top-notch talent, you need to ensure your online presence is also top-notch!

It doesn’t matter how many ads you place or referrals you get; if job seekers find your business unattractive online, you won’t attract applicants.

Your Reputation Precedes You

People looking for work are increasingly investigating potential employers online. This can include looking at your restaurant’s website, Facebook page, Instagram, and reviews on Google, Yelp, and Trip Advisor. Potential employees want to know what it would be like to work for you and your company and whether it has a good reputation.

A business with a strong digital presence and positive ratings and reviews will be more attractive to potential employees. On the other hand, if a company has a negative online reputation, it will deter potential employees from applying for jobs. Nobody wants to work for a restaurant with a 2-star rating on Google.

Online reputation management is essential for restaurants that want to attract the best staff. By monitoring your online reviews and social media pages, you can ensure that potential employees see your business in a positive light.

If your restaurant doesn’t have a solid online presence, you could be missing out on some great new employees.

Keys To Online Reputation Management

By taking steps to improve your online presence, you can make it more likely to impress job seekers. Online reputation management can help ensure that businesses are seen positively by potential employees, which can help attract top talent.

There are a few key things you can do to manage your online reputation:

  1. Ensure you have claimed your online listings – this is as simple as logging in and adding accurate information about your restaurant. Otherwise, the bots will control what is profiled, and it could easily be wrong.
  2. Monitor your online reviews and respond promptly to any negative feedback – You want to demonstrate to potential employees that you are responsive and taking feedback seriously. Your response to positive reviews strongly reflects your personality and culture.

Pro Tip: If you want to stand out above the crowd with potential employees and new customers, ANSWER YOUR REVIEWS! 67% of new customers and potential employees believe a business cares about their customers if they see that you pay attention and answer your reviews. Positive and Negative. People just want to be heard.

  • Make sure your website is up-to-date and provides accurate information about your business
  • Regularly post fresh content on your social media profiles – it reflects the positive image you want to project to potential employees.

You can improve your chances of impressing potential employees and attracting top talent to your restaurant by taking these steps. A strong online presence and positive reputation are essential for attracting top talent to your restaurant. By taking control of your digital footprint, you can make sure you’re putting your best foot forward when hiring new staff.

Do Your Own Investigation

Pretend YOU are the job seeker.

Your first step is to go to Google and search for your business name in your town. The top sites that return results are typically your own domain, Google, Trip Advisor, Yelp, Facebook, and if you are a restaurant that takes reservations, OpenTable.

Focus on the top sites in your community and do a deep dive into them. Read all your negative reviews; it’s uncomfortable but valuable. Where it’s possible, search the reviews for the word “staff” or “employee” and see what people are saying about them.

Note where you rank, and if you haven’t been doing it already, start to monitor and respond to move yourself up the lists. Each site has a different algorithm to rank businesses, and they are constantly changing, but it is typically based on the number of reviews, the quality (star ranking) of the reviews, and how current they are.

Track performance as time passes; even a one-star increase can have a considerable impact and is worth celebrating. Harvard Business School found that a one-star increase in a restaurant’s Yelp rating can result in as much as a 9 percent increase in revenue. Improved rankings may influence new customers willing to visit you. Likewise, it also can influence who wants to work for you.

The next step is to google any team member names in your ad and career page. This includes your name too. It’s essential to know how you are perceived in your community to make decisions accordingly.

Creating A Job Posting Page

Your careers page should include your current job openings, why you are the right choice, an overview of your company culture, and an application and interview booking form. If done well, the process can all be automated and become your perpetual applicant machine. Then all you need to do is review applications and participate in the interviews.

Your careers page is where you can really shine. Here’s where you lure them in and let them know why you are the best option for them to work for.

Pro Tip: Your application process must be online. This is key to your success in finding new staff.

On the page containing your application, you want to highlight all the benefits of working with you. These are the things that answer the question in the candidate’s mind: what’s in it for me? One question to ask yourself is, “why would anyone want to work for you? We help you answer that question in one of my previous blog posts.

Host a short video from you and/or your management team sharing your story and why you are in business and talk about the value of a strong team and what is appealing about your work environment and culture. Show your potential candidates around the restaurant and behind the scenes.

Encourage your current employees to share testimonials about their jobs, either written or on video, and use them on your hiring page and social media posts.

Focus on what makes you better than the other options they might be considering. If you have trouble coming up with those things, your current superstars should have some ideas. 

What do they like about working for you, why do they stay, and what do they think are the key benefits to their position?

You also want to provide all the details about the job and its duties. All the details about pay, additional benefits, hours, and time off, opportunities for promoting employees, training programs, and any hiring incentives you are offering.

Consider this page like the dating profile for your restaurant – what will appeal to your best new employees?

No One Said It Was Easy

There is no doubt that hiring challenges seem to be at an all-time high. To get the best results from your hiring process, you need a system that starts with making sure you are represented well online. In the same way that a negative online impression will turn off potential new customers, it will turn off possible employees before you even find out if they are superstars.

Don’t limit the number of candidates you get the opportunity to meet. Make sure your online reputation is a positive one.

The code to attract superstar candidates for your restaurant has been unlocked, and we’ve created a system that can generate a steady supply of high-quality employees.

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