In my video this week, I wanted to cover how to handle a negative review when you get one on Google, Facebook, or any of your review sites.

And let’s face it – you’re going get one. Nobody is perfect, and if you run a business that has customers, someone is going to take to the internet to trash you to get back at you and feel vindicated.

It’s just the society we live in today. You have two choices:

1. Use it to your advantage to attract new customers.

2. Stick your head in the sand, don’t pay attention to it and just let the 94.3% of your new customers read your reviews without you being in control.

My video will show the 6 things you need to do to make sure a negative review WON’T affect your reputation or your business.

Make sure you have this information as its imperative to your new customer acquisition strategy.

Talk soon,


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