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There is an old program on investing called 7 STEPS TO 7 FIGURES. In the program, its author makes this statement: “It’s not the stocks you pick that make you rich, it’s that you choose to invest in stocks.”

This premise is correct for long-term, blue-chip stock investors. But it contains a much bigger ‘secret.’ In abbreviated form, here it is: it’s not the specific actions you take that make you rich as much as it is that you take a lot of actions.

In today’s world, there is no magic bullet. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you need to hear this.

There isn’t just one thing you can do to get more customers, more staff, or something that will make you rich. You can play the lotto, but your chances ain’t so good of winning the big prize. You’ve got a better chance of finding money in the parking lot.

There are way too many distractions for humans today to only use one method to capture their attention. Your customers, potential customers, and potential employees are continuously being bombarded with tens of thousands of marketing messages through multiple media channels every day.

It’s a lot tougher than it used to be to get and keep someone’s attention. That, combined with the reduction of our overall attention span, ability to concentrate, makes it really difficult to get any message through to your target market.

A human being’s attention span is less than that of a goldfish. Seriously. So, thank you if you have made it this far reading my blog- you are way past the goldfish

If you want to be successful in anything you do, you need to take massive action using multiple media channels to get your message out. In this case, I must be the doctor of cold hard reality for your own good.

See an example of how to take massive action for finding, attracting, and hiring staff in my video, along with the rant about some knucklehead leaving a bad review for one of the best restaurant operators that I have as clients. They are AWESOME!

You need a system that uses multiple media channels to reach your customers and potential customers day after day. You need to be doing 10 things that each bring you 10 leads and customers. Because there isn’t one thing that will bring you 100 new customers in today’s world. That just isn’t reality.

I always get the question from new clients- do I really need to do print marketing, email marketing, video, social media, text marketing? YES! You need to do it all. Sorry. Then test and test again. This is how you become successful with anything. Test, evaluate, tweak, and replicate- good formula for success.

The other primary topic of conversation when I am speaking with my Platinum clients is – what NOT to do. Being decisive about what not to do is essential if you are to be successful at immediately taking action on other things to do.

Much Needed Opportunity For You Shooting Across Your Computer

Staff, staff, staff… where are all the new employees?

Did they magically come back this week after the government unemployment subsidies stopped?

Unfortunately, I don’t think that this is going to create a huge surge of highly qualified employees rushing back into your business with open arms declaring that they can’t wait to get started working for you.

Sorry, I just don’t think that’s reality.

So, what can you do? Glad you asked

I’m doing a FREE Web Class on Tuesday, September 14th, where I am covering the Top 13 Strategies that are working right now to find, attract & hire a superstar staff for your restaurant. I will be showing specific examples from our clients and what they are doing that is working right now to get staff in today’s market.

It’s awesome information, and you need this now more than ever. That’s why we are putting this FREE class on for our subscribers. Massive action so you can have a better life. You can’t do everything yourself, and you need to rise above your competition who are competing for the same pool of employees you are. This class will show you exactly how to do that.

Click the button below, take action, and sign up for the class. I will see you Tuesday, live!

Top 13 Strategies For Finding Restaurant Staff

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