Right now, finding staff for any business is a big challenge, and it isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

Even after we are past all the government unemployment subsides and covid restrictions, and we get back to something that is similar to what we had before, staffing is an ongoing issue for brick-and-mortar businesses. Or really any business- I know I don’t have to tell you that.

Finding and getting great employees is a three-step process:

#1: Locating where your best potential employee is looking for a job.

#2: Attracting them to fill out an online application.

#3: Getting them to show up for the interview.

This is a MARKETING challenge. It’s the same concept as getting new customers for your business, and that’s the way you need to approach this.

You need to have a systematic way that runs on autopilot, bringing you qualified candidates every single week. Even after we get past the situation we are currently in. The challenge of finding staff will never go away, and successful businesses are always recruiting. And this isn’t cheap either. You have to spend time and resources to get good people to work for you.

And right now, the scales are skewed towards lots of demand with little supply. But there is hope.

There are some things you can do and put into place to build a superstar staff for your business. Like I said above, it’s a three-step process that needs to be broken down and have systems in place for each step.

The first step is locating your target market, which is a good potential employee. In this week’s video, I show you one example of a good way to do that. It gets the word out in your local community. Everyone knows most every brick-and-mortar business is hiring right now; your challenge is to stand out among the herd of businesses all competing for the same employee.

You must be doing something different than your competition. You need to have a U.S.P. (Unique Selling Proposition) for hiring- with each of the three processes I mentioned above.

Don’t get discouraged. Even though things are tough right now, there is hope and help.

Watch this week’s edition of Mike’s Marketing Minutes for one idea a business where I live is using to get in front of potential staff in their local area.

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