I know this has been a very difficult week for you, and I want you to know you are not alone.

I shot a video at my home – as my company has begun working remotely now as well.

Please watch this short video for an inspirational message and a few ideas to help get through this together.

In my video, I suggest having a drive-in movie at your business. Full disclosure: I am a marketer and not an attorney. Please consult with your own legal team, as to what is involved to do this at your own business. (I had to say that) I am here to provide you with ideas to help keep your business going through this difficult time. It’s your responsibility for implementation and if you choose to use them.

I found this as an old blog post from Thanksgiving a few years ago, and I thought it was appropriate to share with you right now:

What Would Life Be Like Without Restaurants?

I bet if you asked your guests what they are thankful for many would say your restaurant.

Could you imagine for a second living tomorrow without any restaurants? Most people couldn’t fathom not having restaurant service and food available? No coffee, no drinks, no burgers, no salads, no chicken sandwiches, no steak, no bagels. Maybe people would just eat leftovers.

I think people take for granted what restaurants give us. They don’t realize how involved in their lives restaurants are. Every day restaurants open their doors to us, welcome us in and want to give us all an amazing experience. You as a restaurant owner spend countless hours preparing everything perfectly.

In many ways, restaurants are the heartbeat of the country. Think about the life moments that happen over a restaurant table every single day: people get engaged, laugh, cry, fall in love, plan, get a job, get fired, and have meetings, share stories, or gossip. You could sum it up by saying: restaurants provide human connection like nothing else in life. A day without restaurants wouldn’t just be a day without food, but also a day without important connections.

Today, I’m thankful for you the restaurant owner and all restaurants. Thankful for the service you provide to us, grateful for the food you prepare, and most importantly thrilled that every day you give us a place to talk, work, laugh and live.

Stay strong we will all get through this together.


P.S. Please comment below if you have any ideas or stories to share about what is working or random acts of kindness to help your fellow business owners. Thanks!


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