Happy Holidays!

A good practice – especially this time of year – is to take some time out of your busy day and celebrate your victories. Be thankful for what you’ve achieved. It’s no small task running a successful business in this economy.

If you don’t stop for a minute to reflect, who will? I am remiss at this, as I know most entrepreneurs are. We’re so thoroughly engaged in the “doing” and the “next” that we never stop to celebrate and revel in the accomplishments. I don’t want that happening to you. You never want that hamster-running-on-the-wheel feeling.

With the Holiday Season now in full swing, everyone often thinks about what they are thankful for. If you’re on Facebook or other social media sites, you may see people listing the things for which they are thankful every day. As an entrepreneur and business owner, there are plenty of things to be thankful for and several ways to show it.

Employees – Your employees are an important part of your business. If you didn’t have motivated talent, it might still just be you working alone. Talent is necessary to grow a business and if you have good employees let them know you’re thankful for what they do.

Ask your employees to make a dish rooted in their family traditions, then sit down together at lunch and share a meal with them. It can bring a little diversity and create a connection between you and your staff.

Customers – Your business revolves around your customers. Let them know you’re thankful for the business they give you. Send a handwritten note inviting your best customers to an “I’m Thankful For Your Business” party. This would be a nice change for your customers and I bet it would make a huge impression.

A Break – As an entrepreneur, you work around the clock. Now that it’s the holidays, it’s important to remember that everyone else around you will be taking a break, and you should take a break too. Take a day off of work to enjoy this time of year with your family and friends.

Put your phone away and unplug for a while. If there are any dire emergencies, you’ll hear about it later. There’s so much more to the Holidays than turkey and stuffing. Relax, be thankful, and know that your business will still be there when you go back.

Today, I’m thankful for you.

I hope you and your families have an enjoyable and meaningful holiday.

Michael Thibault