Need more 5-star reviews for your online reputation?

The big question is… how to get them? Everyone wants a 5-star reputation and to show up as #1 at the top of their review sites. Why? Because it’s the best way to attract new customers to your business.

So how do you get more reviews?

Drum roll, please… ASK!

Might sound elementary, but you need to ask for reviews if you want more of them. I’m sure you have received a follow-up email from a hotel, a restaurant, Amazon, another online retailer, or an auto repair shop in the past month asking for a review. It’s common practice now for ALL businesses that have customers.

Not only does collecting customer feedback help inform your business’ decision-making process; it also helps you better understand customers and get a more accurate handle on how they perceive your product, service, brand, and company.

I like to use a customer experience survey customized for our clients’ customers to generate more 5-star reviews. You can integrate this form into your company website, e-mail marketing campaigns, post-transactional touchpoints, or social media communications.

The key here is to follow-up. Think of your customer feedback form as a way to engage in an ongoing dialogue with your customers. In today’s age, businesses that regularly communicate with and request feedback from customers have the edge over those who make only one-off “asks.”

So, want more 5-star reviews and want to get to the top of your review sites so you stand out to your potential new customers? ASK for those reviews with a customer experience survey.