I have met with many new clients for our Online Review Management systems this week and have interviewed some High-Level clients that are interested in our Platinum program. I love doing this because it gives me a very clear perspective on where our clients are and what they need to increase their sales.

Here is how part of the conversation goes when I’m helping new clients with their marketing:

When you market for your business, who are you marketing for?

It’s one of the first questions I get business owners to ask themselves. Because the right answer opens up a world of possibility.

It follows an idea you’ve definitely heard before: Ask the right questions and the right answers will appear.

Give it some thought…

Who is your ideal customer?

Don’t sell it short. It’s NOT just “Men in their 40’s or 50’s who live in my area.” Not the answer I am looking for.

Your actual, ideal customer has a story and specific information.

Married? How many kids?

Salary / income?

Likely job title and industry?

What does he or she hope for in life?

What motivates them to choose your business over your competition?

See, it’s more than Demographics.

There’s also the Psychographics – the deeper story of what really motivates your potential customer to take action.

Most (almost all) businesses leave this Key Component out of their marketing, and just hope that the general pleas of average advertising will get the job done.

This is key to doubling (or even tripling) the number of new customers you get each week, month, year…

Your competition is just looking around and doing what everyone else is doing. Pretty hard to stand out that way, isn’t it? Challenge the status quo and quickly see results from it.

What about you? Ready to stand out?