The one word you need to know this coming new year to make millions for your business is SPEED!

Money loves speed. Opportunities and wealth flow to those who are quick to market and can implement and get things done quickly. Easy to say, hard to do.

There is plenty of proof of this concept from many of my clients. Business owners that have us implement promotions and get things done are the ones who are attracting business in any economy. They find a way to make it work.

Expanding and opening a bigger business in this highly competitive environment might sound crazy, but some of my Platinum Clients are busting at the seams with their current locations and NEED to expand their businesses one way or another.

You have to get “promotions” out the door. On time. Frequently. Consistently. With urgency. Napoleon Hill wrote, “Your ship cannot come in unless you have first sent it out.

He referred to a popular phrase of his time about young men waiting for their ship – meaning their opportunity, their “break” – to come in. In my business, I refer to each sales letter, email, promotion, or postcard as a “ship”, and I ask, “How many ships did we get sent out TODAY?

Many businesspeople look at “business being slow” as some condition or circumstance that happens of its own accord. But an empty harbor today is usually representative of very few ships sent out yesterday.

How to increase your income next year?

There are some pretty simple questions to ask yourself: Is there a promotion just ending? Is there a promotion in progress? Is the next promotion getting its “final touches”? Are there several promotions in development?

Where are your ships right now? In the harbor or out to sea?

Have a great New Year!

Michael Thibault