This week’s video was inspired by a mastermind meeting I had with the group of restaurant and auto repair shop owners that I help facilitate every month. What a great bunch of entrepreneurs they are!

We discussed what motivates busy business owners into action to get things done. This is key because once you know what motivates you to act, you can use that to jump start yourself to get busy crossing things off your checklist. And I’m not talking about a Grande Mochaccino from Starbucks here. The real reason why we get up in the morning and do what we do.

The flip side to this is that it’s also the same reason why your customers do business with you and give you money. By using this in your marketing, your product and service development will help you find and feed a starving crowd. No matter if you have a restaurant, auto repair, or retail shop. Works for any business.

Watch this week’s video to find the answers you seek, my Jedi friend (a little pre-May 4th humor). BTW, that’s a great slipstream marketing opportunity for you to have some fun with your customers and staff.

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