Last week, I did an online training on locating, attracting, and getting a great staff to actually show up for the interview for your business.

It was one of the best-attended online trainings that I have done this year. We had lots of fun, and I gave 13 different strategies for getting staff for your business.

Lots of information was shared, and I went into detail of what we have tested with our top clients over the past year and what’s working now to get staff. I showed a bunch of examples of what to do, also.

If you want to watch the online training in its entirety, click below and you will have access to it for the next few days, then we will be taking it down.

Watch Full Webinar Replay Here

There are lots of proven and tested methods of how to attract good staff to your business in this presentation.

But I know lots of you are super busy right now working in your restaurant, auto repair shops, and retail stores, so I made a cliff notes version of this online training for you. It still has examples, but I didn’t go into depth as much as I did in the full training.

I did it in just around 12 minutes?  (Not easy, by the way, for someone who enjoys teaching and showing off strategies and techniques that are killing it right now to get staff. I get a little excited.) But the basis of what’s working is there, you’ll get the idea.

If you want the down and dirty, give it to me quickly, straight between the eye’s version, click the video below and see how fast I can talk and cram into a 12-minute video.

Keep up the good fight! And remember, you’re not alone.


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