Hope you are doing fantastic this week!

We had a super busy week putting on a virtual seminar all week for hundreds of businesses across North America via Zoom.

It was a lot of fun and everyone gained much value from our meetings. It’s amazing what technology can do today. It really did feel like we were all meeting with each other in person.

(Between you and me though, I prefer the real thing – Live face to face).

We covered a bunch of great topics. One of the most important topics was what opportunities are before business owners right now in this new economy.

In this week’s video, I outline 7 opportunities for you to not take the gas off your sales pedal, along with what you can do right now to make more sales and take advantage of this time to grow your business.



Make sure you watch until the end, as I reveal a huge gap in two effective marketing opportunities for you that have dropped over 200% in cost right now… that more than likely none of your competitors are doing.


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