Strong words. But I don’t want this to happen to you. And it could be really hurting your business.

Let me start by telling you one of the biggest questions I get from clients is how can they increase their business’ search engine results? In other words, they want to get higher on Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.

Seems like a simple question and one that should be easy to answer, but… it’s not. If I could control 100% of what Google displays about a business and how they go about doing it, I’d be a very rich man. But Google does give us just enough tools that we can make an impact on how businesses show up in search results.

I’m using Google because it’s the #1 website in the world; has 3.5 BILLION searches a day. So, if you don’t know what Google is showing your potential new customers about your business, you could be killing your business.

IMPORTANT: You must provide Google with your CORRECT business details, and double check it. One way that this is accomplished is through Google My Business. If you want to claim online ownership of an existing business or register a new business with Google, this is the tool to use.

With Google My Business, you can edit your address, contact info, hours, business type, and photos. This helps ensure that accurate information is displayed about your business in Google Maps and your Google business listing, which every new customer will see when looking for you on Google.

So how can a simple thing like that kill your business?


You know we offer a Free Analysis of your Online business presence and reputation– it’s awesome! We analyze your entire online reputation and listings for your business and verify that all the information is correct across the most popular websites where your business is listed, such as Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Zomato, Facebook, etc.

We provide you with a comprehensive snapshot of what’s correct, what’s incorrect, and how you stack up against your competition. Then we will tell you how to get to #1 on your Top 3 review sites. Pretty cool!

Well, last week we did a Free Analysis for a long-time subscriber and found that Google was showing he was closed for lunch (it’s a restaurant). He isn’t closed for lunch… he is OPEN!

Do you think Google might be hurting his business a little when new customers are searching for him and want to go somewhere for lunch in his area?

I am happy we were able to find this mistake that Google made about his business. I see this all the time, and especially with Google. It might seem like a little detail– but it is huge when you calculate how many times people are searching for your business online. (3.5 billion searches a day on Google!)

What you need to do: check your listings!