The G.O.A.T is sick? (That’s what people call Tom Brady if you didn’t know or have been living under a rock for the past 10 years.)

No, that’s not it, but there is a super important lesson here about what to avoid so you don’t lose tens of thousands of dollars inside your business. Because we all get distracted. And if you’re an entrepreneur, it’s even easier to take your eye off the ball. Distractions can move you off your path to reaching your goals. Costing you time and money.

How do you stop this? What should you watch out for? And more importantly, how do you fix it?

And what the heck does Tom Brady have to do with you making money in your business?

You’ll have to watch this short video to find out.

Video highlights: 

00:16 First time I ever wore gloves in a video, lol

01:21 The G.O.A.T

01:42 Tom Brady play for the Lions?

02:40 What is the Tom Brady Syndrome, and how can you beat it

05:11 The G.O.A.T restaurant promo you can steal

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Michael Thibault

Michael Thibault

Known as “The Done For You Marketing Guy for Restaurants.” International Speaker on Restaurant Marketing. Published contributing author of 4 Marketing Books. Industry expert on Google Searches and Review Sites. Recovering Independent Restaurant Owner and Caterer of over 21 years. And, all-around good guy.

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