Occasionally I hear from a prospective client for our online review management service that tells me: “nobody looks at our reviews anyway.” I love it when they say that!


Because review sites and Google make it so easy to show someone the exact amount of traffic they are getting on their review and Google business listing pages. Review sites and Google have installed some amazing analytic tracking tools that do a very good job letting us know important information about the people that see and interact with your listings.

Analytics track visitor behavior on your listings so you can see how many prospects visited your review page and what they did when they got there. We can tell If they clicked on directions to your business, or maybe they went to your website or called your business for information.

Think of analytics like your report card. When you log in and view the historical data, you’ll see whether your online Google business listing and your review site listings are passing or failing. There’s a ton of data, and it can be sliced and diced in many ways to help you make better decisions about your marketing.

Having this information is a powerful tool to get new customers. We can find out where your new customers are coming from geographically, how old they are, their gender, etc.

To get you started, I have listed the links to what we call The Top 4 review sites that drive 90% of the online traffic for reviews for brick and mortar businesses in today’s world.

To get your analytics and to see how many people are visiting your review and Google business listing sites, you need to log in and enter your password; which means you need to have them all claimed. After that, you will be given the keys to a plethora of information about who sees your reviews, and what they do when they see them.

Here are the links for your convenience:





Have fun!