Have you seen that some companies are beginning to release their coveted Super Bowl commercials ahead of the big game?

They do this to create more buzz online through social media to get us talking about them ahead of the game. I think it’s somewhat anticlimactic when you see them during the game if you have already seen the commercial. It’s like looking at your presents before Christmas.

Over the past decade, the average cost of a 30-second Super Bowl ad has increased by 87 percent. The price for a spot this year is $5.6 million. A measly increase of only $600k from last year.

Spending that kind of money on marketing, you better not screw up! The Super Bowl is a remarkable marketing platform. Viewership in the United States is huge: for this game, there is expected to be more than 100 million people. This puts it far beyond other media events.

I always wonder if the game or the commercials will be the highlight. I’m hoping this year it will be the game.

And who is to say if spending over $5 million for an ad works?

Multiple researchers have studied the relationship between ad success and sales and the answer is usually a flat no. In 2014, Ad Age reported that it found that 60% of Super Bowl ads didn’t boost purchases—or even intent to purchase—though it did increase “brand awareness.”

Think about the type of marketing you are doing right now for your business.

Is it direct response or brand awareness?

Direct response means you are looking for some type of action from your potential customer. Not just trying to get your name out there. I like direct response marketing myself. Hard to justify $5.6 million for 30 seconds just to get your name out there.

Leave that to the big, dumb corporates.

For most commercials, it’s hard to measure how they’re working.

Marketing when your target market is at the point of purchase, ready to buy from you that’s when you want to be in front of them, in the best light. That’s why I’m a huge believer in Google search marketing and reviews.

When someone is Googling “Pizza” for example, they probably want to buy a pizza. And they’re looking at your reviews to see what other people that have already purchased Pizza from you have to say about their experience. Because THEY WANT TO BUY A PIZZA!

Well, I’m going to stick with Direct Response Marketing. I suggest the same for you. Let’s keep our $5 million in our pockets!

Have fun watching the game! And the commercials on Sunday.


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