First email blog post of the year. Very exciting!

Hope you had a great New Year. I just wanted to tell you I appreciate you and thanks for reading my weekly blog posts.

This post is writing from your customers point of view. You know, the one who smiles and says everything is awesome and then goes and trashes you on Yelp, Google, and Facebook.

Don’t take this for granted as it is directly related to how much money you will generate this year for your business.

Your customers are not just a way to make a buck; they are the key to developing and keeping a profitable business. Take care of their needs and they will keep coming back and tell others.

You want more repeat transactions, we all know that. You want first-time customers that you can systematically turn into repeat guests. That’s the recipe for success in this business.

Unfortunately, some businesses have forgotten this formula. Here is an excerpt from a guest’s point of view to a business that has forgotten:

“I’m the guest. I have lots of money to spend, and I’m going to spend it with someone. I’m going to spend it on cars and clothes, services and symphonies, food and fun, books and burgers, groceries, gadgets, and GOLF.”

“Take me for granted, or treat me rudely and I’ll take my money elsewhere. Show me you don’t care and I’ll quietly seek out someone who does care about me and who makes me feel important. You may never miss me, but I’ll be history.”

“Like I said, I have lots of money to spend. But I’ve got to be honest and tell you that I’m getting more and more careful about where I spend it.”

“One reason is that in the last few years I’ve been ticked off at how I’ve been treated. Many people have taken me for granted and have been indifferent to me. Others have been rude. And some have been downright surly.”

“I’m discovering that I have lots of choices where I can buy my clothes, get my eyeglasses, buy my books, eat my meals and play golf.”

“Many don’t seem to care whether I’m happy or not. At least they don’t act like they care.”

“Think I’m being unfair, and demanding too much? TOO BAD.”

“And if you or your staff treat me unfairly I will let the world know. I have a Yelp, Google, and Facebook account that will take you down.”

Don’t be mistaken. If you own a retail, restaurant, auto repair, or really any business, you are not in just that particular business, you are in the Entertainment Business.

Deliver the VERY BEST in service and go BEYOND what your Guests expect each and every visit. You must strive to deliver a Social Media Sharing experience each time you interact with your guests.

That’s the price of admission to playing in today’s market.

Happy New Year,