This pandemic has changed the world for everyone, and not just in terms of business. Your customers are struggling to get back into their normal routines as well. In order to make sure we stay on top of this situation before it gets out of hand like some other viruses have done before us (lookin’ at you SARS), companies need to focus more energy than ever on empathy-building customer service with post-pandemic consumers who will want all things new after getting over what’s been happening around them so far.

After this surge of business slows down, it is important to stay on top of your marketing. Marketing will not only get you through the slow periods but also keep customers coming back when things start returning to normal!

In this week’s video, I tell you the single most important thing you need to be doing right now while you have this surge of new business as people struggle to return to normal and come to your restaurant, auto repair shop and retail shop.

We are in a unique position right now, and I want you to take advantage of it. This might only happen once during our lifetime! Let’s capitalize on this momentum by protecting ourselves next month, the coming quarter, next year-and beyond.

Never in your life have you seen a better opportunity than this. Watch now to see what and how you need to be doing for yourself and capitalizing on the one chance opportunity for your business.

Have a relaxing 4th and spend some time with your family and friends; this is why we got into business for ourselves in the first place. They’ll be fine at the store without you for a day, so take today to relax!


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