Hope your week has been good so far.

I wanted to send you part 2 of my 3-part series: What’s Working Now To Increase Sales During The Pandemic.

If you recall, part 1 was sending your customers emails to communicate with them to let them know updates to your business and to remind them you’re still here and ready to serve them.

This second part is one of my favorite social media features that reaches and communicates with your customers and potential customers. And it’s working like crazy right now to get your customers back to your business.

It’s Facebook Live videos!

Facebook Live is a video feature on Facebook that is very easy to use and is having awesome traction right now to connect with your customers. It’s easy, quick, and anyone can do it. Facebook Live allows your followers to see you, your business, products, and customers in real-time. It also saves to your feed so people who didn’t see it Live can watch it later.

The part I love is that Facebook likes you doing Facebook Live so much that they send a notification to all your followers to let them know you are Live!

(They do this because they want to compete with YouTube. They don’t like YouTube and want all the eyes of the world on Facebook. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone I said that).

There’s a bunch of cool features with Facebook Live such as people can comment, send hearts, smiley faces, and other fun stuff while you are filming. You can even respond to comments and see who is watching. That’s pretty neat!

The big question is, what the heck do you film?

Here are some of our top suggestions from what our clients are doing that are having great success using Facebook Live to make more sales right now:

  • Have someone talking during the filming (this is huge!)
  • Go Live for at least 2 minutes to allow Facebook to build you an audience
  • Having your customers or employees talk works great (as long as you know what they are saying)
  • It doesn’t have to be you
  • Film your products and show how they are made
  • If you have a restaurant, go in the kitchen (if it’s clean) and film your chef
  • If you have a bar, show them how to make your most popular drinks
  • Give them valuable tips or recipes
  • Share some history about your business – why you started it, etc.
  • Customer testimonials work well to let people know what you do
  • Any special events or things that are going on at your business that they wouldn’t know about
  • Questions and Answers are a good way to get info out such as an interview format
  • Let your customers know how you are keeping them safe

So, grab your mobile device, log on to your Facebook account, and start filming. Your customers will love it and it will help you make more sales.

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