Hello, I first want to say I hope you are healthy and safe. And your family and staff as well.

I shot a short special video for you where I outline some key points that are working right now for restaurants to get through this difficult time we find ourselves in.

I have the benefit of talking to hundreds of restaurant owners from the United States and Canada, and in this video, I give you the top 3 things that are working right now for carryout and delivery for them.

I will be bringing you each week the best ideas that are on the ground working for restaurant owners right now. Think of me, our Facebook page, and website as the conduit to some of the top operators in North American that are digging down deep and working their butts off to make this work.

Some of them are consistently growing their sales everyday using these techniques and strategies.

You need this now more than ever and I will deliver it to you each week.

Stay strong!



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