The struggle is real. It’s hard to run your business with no staff right now.

You can’t do everything and be in three different places at once doing three different jobs.

And it’s not just you. There’s no staff for your suppliers, therefore you aren’t able to get the product you need to operate your business. There are so many of you right now that can’t get the supplies from your purveyors because they just don’t have the staff to get it from the warehouse to your business.

So, you are forced to either go pick it up and make twenty trips or go without. Not a good situation to be in. When will all this get better? I can’t tell you that, but I know that finding great staff for your business or any business in the world is the key to having a successful business and a less stressful life.

It’s something that is an ongoing challenge- pandemic or not.

You might even be forced to shut down for a period of time because you just don’t have enough staff to stay open. Or maybe you are having to close one or two days a week. That’s not good. I don’t want to see this happen to you.

This is one of my favorite local restaurants- New Orleans-style food. We actually had a birthday party planned there for tomorrow. I love this place. Great food, friendly service been there forever. Awesome people that treat you like family.

Something needs to be done about this. Restaurants are the lifeblood of our communities. It’s where people go to socialize, be entertained, spend time with family and friends, and escape the pressures of their daily lives.

People care. Your customers care and don’t want to see this happen to you. No matter if you own a restaurant, auto repair shop, or local retailer. Independent businesses are the foundation for our economy.

In this week’s edition of Mike’s Marketing Minutes, I go off on a slight rant, and give you a resource to help with your staffing challenges.

Please remember that you need a system to be able to hire great staff. A three-part system to find them, attract them, and then get them to show up for the interview. You can click the button below to be taken to the page that I reference in my video to watch the 12 minute recap of the online training I did about how to get staff and what we have tested over the past year that works with our top clients.

It’s not easy- finding great staff is never easy. I won’t sugarcoat it for you. This is a challenge that will never go away for your business. Will it get better? We are all hoping, but you need to always be looking for your next superstar. And you need a system to find them and get them to take the next step.

Big challenges require MASSIVE ACTION!

Watch the 12 minute cliff notes version of my how to find staff training by clicking the button below:


Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post, and let us know if we can help you find more staff for your restaurant, auto repair shop, or retail store.

Learn to let go of the things that others can do so you can focus on bigger ideas. They might even do it better than you, wouldn’t that be a nice surprise?

Remember, it’s all about leverage. Leverage your talents, your energy, and your time. That’s how winning is done.

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