Where does anyone go when they have a great experience or heaven forbid a problem with ANY company in today’s world?

ONLINE Of course!

Why do people do this? Well, there are many reasons why when someone has an awesome or a horrible experience with a company they go right for their smartphone, tablet or PC:

The internet amplifies their voice (so they can be heard by millions of people)
Its instantaneous (they can get their feelings out right away)
It makes them feel in control of the situation (I’m going to trash company X and take down their business)
And believe it or not they are hoping for a response from you, the business owner
People just want to be heard. Isn’t that true with everyone in today’s world? It’s a fact that people like talking about themselves. I’d guess that has always been true to a degree. But it’s amplified today. Just look at Facebook, Instagram, and other “look at how cool my life is” social media sites.

And they want to know that they are being listened to and that someone in the company is paying attention to them. That means responding to their questions, inquiries, comments and reviews online.

It’s difficult to manage so many different reviews on so many different sites that your business is already listed on. And not to mention all the social media platforms that your customers are using to talk about your business. It’s a serious challenge for any organization to keep up with and respond to the never-ending comments. Which is why you need to implement a customer feedback management system for your business.

Google Update

Google said it’s releasing a new user interface and feature with local online reviews. A Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land that the company wants to make sure users can find relevant reviews to help them make informed decisions about businesses. They are starting with Hotels and moving on to other industries from there.

With Google’s new feature release and the importance for all businesses to engage with customers, every business in today’s world needs to be listening to customer feedback online, responding to reviews, and requesting reviews from loyal customers.

Have a great weekend!