Yep. Someone is tweeting, posting, texting, or typing a review about your business online right now.

In 2018, the Voice of your customer will be louder than ever. When they talk, not 1 or 2 people listen to them nowadays…Nope, thanks to the internet there are literally thousands of people who hear them.


It doesn’t have to be. Your business can reap the benefits of listening to, acting on, and responding to what customers are saying about your brand, product, service, or business location.

Here are just a few valuable benefits of listening to your customer online:

  • You can customize your products and services to respond to the voiced needs and wants of your customers.
  • You can measure and improve your customer experience.
  • Prioritize high-impact customer issues, trends, and developments and make changes to support them.
  • Solicit customer feedback to evaluate new ways of gaining a competitive advantage.
  • Generate advanced marketing insights and opportunities that you weren’t previously aware of.

Your customers will tell you the good, the bad and the ugly (Clint Eastwood reference) about your products, staff and overall customer experience.

Don’t you want to know what they are saying?

And you don’t have to pay some big, expensive research firm to get this information now. The digital world has expanded the ways companies can listen to the voice of their customers.

Now you can leverage the power of the Internet to capture solicited customer feedback (e.g., e-mails, online survey responses) as well as unsolicited customer feedback (e.g., social media, online reviews).

That way, you can listen in real-time to customers across multiple touchpoints and channels, as well as provide immediate response to customer feedback.

***WARNING, Tricky Part***

Customers expect businesses to respond to their feedback — and fast. This is why you need to be able to respond to the Voice of the Customer in the timeliest possible manner. In our testing and experience, you have a maximum of 7 days to respond. The optimum timeframe is 72 hours.

Sound quick?

The world is moving quickly, especially your customers. Things can go viral within a matter of hours.

Merry New Year!