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5 Secrets To Making More Sales From Your Menu

Your menu is your main marketing piece once your customers come into your restaurant. Don’t just throw something together. It will determine how much you will sell at the table. Learn the top 5 secrets to creating a money making menu for your restaurant.

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How To Get Over The “Guilties” When Leaving Your Restaurant

Ever feel guilty leaving your restaurant before your staff does? Listen to find out why you do it, how to get over it, and why it’s killing your business.


How To Never Offend Any Customer In Your Restaurant Marketing

We’re living in a hyper-PC world so how do you not offend someone when EVERYTHING is being recorded, online, and exposed? Remember it’s just not you, it’s your staff too!


Confusion Is Killing Your Restaurant Sales

Confusion Kills Sales! Plain and simple. I bet you’re making at least 1 of these mistakes at your restaurant that is hurting your sales. Learn the top 3 mistakes and how to fix them so you can crush it now.


The Willy Wonka Effect

How to use the Willy Wonka marketing strategy to pack your restaurant. This technique uses the master chocolatier’s same brilliant promotional system to generate sales on-demand. Grab some milk and give it a listen..


How To Get More Families Into Your Restaurant

There’s a big gap that the corporates have created that you can take advantage of to increase your market share to increase sales. Listen to this week’s episode to find the top 3 things you need to implement right now.


Get A Flood Of New Customers

Wondering what the secret is to attracting and convincing new customers to try your restaurant in today’s overly competitive market? There’s 1 strategy you can implement right now for FREE that will change everything. 


Top 3 Geurrilla Restaurant Marketing Promos

3 Guerrilla Restaurant Marketing Promos for less than $100! Easy squeezie nice and easy. If you’re not doing these things at your restaurant you’re missing out on low-hanging fruit.


Stop Working In Your Restaurant

How do you stop working shifts in your restaurant? Is it possible to have a real office outside of the restaurant to focus on the important tasks of building your business? How about a day off? A 25-hour work week? Sound like a fairytale for a restaurant owner? It’s not. Check out this week’s podcast and get the 2 secrets.


Something’s Gotta Change Around This Restaurant

Small hinges swing big doors.

If you need to change, improve, shake things up to get more from your restaurant and your life listen to this week’s podcast.

I’ll tell you how to be consistent and create small habits that have big success for your restaurant.

How To Build A Massive Lunch Business

How To Build A Massive Lunch Business… or fill your restaurant any time of the day you’re slow.

There’s one simple technique that you need to know that will allow you to fill your restaurant when you’re slow just like turning on a faucet. I give you the secret!

Is Your Restaurant Better Off Post-Covid?

How did Covid affect your restaurant?

And the industry?

Are you better off?

What are the valuable lessons that we all learned? What does the future hold for your restaurant so you aren’t left behind and able to compete? All important questions that are answered on this week’s episode. 

Why Should You Be Happy About Owning A Restaurant

Being happy owning a restaurant?

Is it even possible?

Listen to this week’s podcast and I will explain how the top independent restaurant owners in the country do it facing the same challenges you do.

How To Sell More At The Table

Want to make more sales at the table?

Of course you do, every restaurant owner wants higher ppa and higher check avgs.

But how do you make this happen? There are some specific strategies and techniques you need to implement to achieve high sales once you get them through your doors. I give you the top 3.

Is It Your Staff, Or Is It You?

Is it your staff or is it you? Which one is holding your restaurant back from becoming #1 in your town?

Find out in this episode how to dig in and get to the heart of the problem. Your staff or you? Who needs to change?

Your Customers’ Top 3 Irritations And How To Fix Them

Don’t piss your customers off!

Sounds easy, right?

There are 3 simple things that will keep your customers from coming back to your restaurant. Easy fixes, but if you don’t pay attention, they won’t be back. And they’ll tell all their friends about it.

You’re better than that.

How To Not Lose Your Best Staff To Your Competitor

Have you ever lost a superstar staff member to your competitor for $1 more an hour? Hurts, doesn’t it?

Listen to this week’s episode to learn the secrets to never having to worry about losing another employee again. Unless you want to give ’em the boot! I cover that too:)

The Ugly (Expensive) Side Of Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant marketing has gotten uglier and uglier. It’s called SPAM! That’s right and it’s costing you customers and sales.

In this episode, I tell you one of the biggest causes of lost sales for restaurants from nasty spam hackers and how to fix it.

Adding High Profit Revenue Streams To Your Restaurant

Want to make more from your restaurant? Not just more sales but more profit?

Join me and I will go over 3 “killer” additional revenue streams you can add to your bottom line, and the biggest one produces over 50% profit with 0$ investment.

Try to get that return on the exchange!

The Power Of Focus Thinking

Do you ever have enough time to just unplug and think?

Think about what you want for your business, your family, and yourself?

There’s a right way and a wrong way to “think.” Listen to this episode to discover the power of focused thought.


Biggest Challenge For Your Restaurant In 2024

What will 2024 hold for your restaurant? How hard will it be to grow sales? What’s the biggest challenge facing you going into the new year and how do you squash it?

I cover who, what, and what you need to do to kick butt in 2024 at your restaurant.

Can You Really Double Your Restaurant Sales In 2024

Can you really double your restaurant sales next year? Get more time off and make more profit?

Yes, you can if you follow a specific strategic plan.

Check out this episode as I walk you through how to create a winning marketing plan to start the New Year off by increasing sales and making money.

The 10 Commandments Of Owning A Restaurant

What does it take to be an independent restaurant owner in today’s world?

A lot! It ain’t easy.

Get all the secrets of what it takes to be profitable and sane being a restaurant owner in this crazy market.

Social Media Secrets For 2024
Part 1

Social Media… what to post, where to post, when to post???

It’s overwhelming for a restaurant owner to navigate the complex world of social media to get new customers.

Good news, I’m here to help figure it out for you.