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Do This To Increase Marketing Response

In today’s video, I am at our print production facility talking with our production manager, Crystal. We own a separate print production office where we do all of our print marketing. We have a shiny, brand-new, laser production printer that does some really cool things for marketing pieces for our clients. I want to [...]

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Reputation Superstar Of The Month

It’s time again to honor the “Reputation Superstar Client of the Month” by giving them a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Remember, to be the Top Dog in Reviews, Stars, and Ratings across the internet, our magic software will calculate all the ratings from ALL of our DFY Review Manager Clients and tell us who [...]

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Is Print Marketing Dead?

Let me ask you a question... is print dead? Does anyone open their mailbox anymore? (Not their email inbox, but their physical mailbox.) Last time I checked, print mail was still the highest-rated media for deliverability and open rates: Print delivery rate for a piece from the post office to your customers mailbox - 98% [...]

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Get More Sales Using Something You Already Have

Watch this video I shot in Chicago this week while putting on four different seminars in four different cities in Illinois and Wisconsin on digital marketing. The organizer of the event traveled with us and had... well, let me say - less than a stellar experience at the hotels we stayed in. Find out [...]

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Having A Rough Day? Watch This…

Hey, we all go through difficult times in our personal and business lives. Owning your business can be extremely difficult at times. We all know this. In today’s competitive environment staffing, vendors, difficult customers can really seem overwhelming. In this week’s edition of Mike's Marketing Minutes, I give you 3 simple techniques that I [...]

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