Make Your Summer Sales Sizzle With The DFY Christmas In July No Peeking Promotion

The #1 Restaurant Bounce Back Promotion Of All Time

Custom Designs Available

Need to increase sales in your slow months? The No Peeking Promotion is designed for you

Envelopes Sold

Sales Generated

Helping Restaurants

How This Promotion increases your sales

Step 1

Customizing Your Promotion

We create a promotion that will work for you. We help you choose the best prizes that generate the biggest return. Then we print, stuff, and seal your envelopes and send them to you, ready to hand out to your customers.

Step 2

 Guaranteed Delivery

After you receive your envelopes, your staff passes them out—one to each table and carryout order. Your customers take them home but can’t open them till they return to your restaurant during your redemption period.

Step 3

Increasing Your Sales

Your customers rush back to your restaurant to open their envelopes in front of your staff to see their prize inside. While filling your seats, spending more money, and increasing your sales.

See How This Restaurant Owner Increased Sales $110,128 Using The DFY No Peeking Promotion

“Best promotion I have ever done, hands down 82% redemption rate with over $110k in sales! DFY No Peeking, yeah, it’s a no-brainer.”

Tom Beckmann

Owner, Sluggo’s Sports Pub And Grill


This Promotion Works Increasing Sales For Any Restaurant Regardless Of Size, Style, Location, Dine In Or Carryout

The No Peeking Promotion is so effective in increasing sales because it’s simple. You pass out the envelopes with a prize inside from your restaurant and your customers can’t peek till they bring them back, spending more money when they do. Simple. And it works for any restaurant because:

It's inexpensive (no postage cost)

Easy for your staff and managers to implement

Biggest return for the least investment possible

Uses human curiosity-based marketing to increase effectiveness

Creates an atmosphere of fun and excitement for your staff and customers

Guaranteed delivery to your best customers (because your staff hands them the envelopes)

Can be customized to fit any theme, time of year or special event at your restaurant

Best off all… it’s All Done For You!

Real talk from a few of the restaurants that have done the dfy no peeking promotion over the past 15 yrs

At This Point You Might Be Thinking…

Can’t I Just Do This On My Own?

You could, and you could also perform your own heart surgery, but should you? And aren’t you busy running your restaurant? Don’t stress. We do all the work for you, from helping pick your prizes to designing, printing, stuffing, sealing, and packaging your promotion and getting to you in time to pass them out. We’ve got you covered. Heck, it’s in our name!

But my restaurant is different.

This promotion works in any market for any style of restaurant. Dine in and carryout. This will work for you from casual to fine dining to everything in between. We’ve been doing this promotion for restaurants since 2008. We know what works and what doesn’t. There isn’t anything we haven’t seen, tried, or tested. No Peeking works so well that even the big corporate chains use it – maybe you have seen it done in the past.

Why does this work better than other promotions to get my customers back?

It works so well because it’s easy, stands out, is inexpensive, and we theme it to match current holidays and celebrations throughout the year. No Peeking uses psychology and curiosity to drive customers back to your restaurant. They can’t wait to rush back to see what they’ve won because everyone loves to win! It puts everyone in a good mood.

And one of the biggest reasons this promotion is so successful is its guaranteed delivery with no postage cost. Your servers hand the envelopes directly to your guests.

What type of return can I expect from this promotion?

While we can’t guarantee what each client will see as a return on their investment, I can tell you that the DFY No Peeking Promotion is the #1 promotion we have done for restaurants since 2008. Every year, No Peeking yields our clients the highest redemption and return rates. Please check the testimonials from restaurant owners who have been kind enough to share their results.

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