How and who you market to will determine what type of customers you will get.

Don’t like the ones you’re getting now? You need to change how you are attracting them.

Marketing is about getting the right message in front of the right audience at the right time. In this week’s edition of Mike’s Money-Making Minutes, I show you how to use social media to laser target your best customers and how to get the right message in front of them.

That way, you can attract the people you like and repel those terrible, nasty customers you don’t want.

Video highlights: 

00:21- Crazy client story.

00:37- The answer is Jerry Maguire.

01:31– I go deep inside Facebook’s Marketing Platform.

03:23- Are you scared Facebook knows this stuff?

05:04 How to leverage your customers’ secrets.

Need BETTER Customers?

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Michael Thibault

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