In this week’s edition of Mike’s Marketing Minutes, I show you how to use the #1 social media site where your new hires are looking for jobs. This technique is testing off the charts for our clients to find and attract a superstar staff.

The ability to find, attract, and hire new employees for your business is a marketing challenge. It’s almost the same techniques and strategies used to attract new customers to your business. You need to stand out from the crowd when diving into the pool of potential employees.

To beat your competition out for the best staff, you need to target the right individuals, then convince them to take action to fill out your application, and then have them show up for the interview. Techniques and strategies that produce measurable results with qualified applicants.

Use this technique in your own business to take control of your hiring system and STOP giving all your money to the online job posting sites where you’re competing with thousands of other businesses for the same employee.

Video Highlights:

00:47 Why this will never go away

01:04 How finding new customers will get you staff

01:43 Who’s stealing your money

02:45 How to get over 9,087+ friends to see our ad

03:41 What you need to include in your hiring ad

Have fun, make money.

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Michael Thibault

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