There was a story about an ice cream shop owner in Detroit a few weeks ago who stalked and
shamed a customer on social media for not leaving a tip. The really bad part was that he used
her credit card information to track her down.

The story went viral and made national news. Needless to say, people didn’t take kindly to his
actions. They lambasted him on social media and reviews. I’ve dealt with this before for some of
our review management clients across Google and social media. It aint pretty. Just

In this week’s edition of Mike’s Money-Making Minutes, I give you my philosophy from when I owned
my restaurants in regards to mandatory tipping and service charges added to a customers tab.

WARNING– It’s my opinion and I make that clear. But I would love to hear what your philosophy
and comments are too!

Customers beware.

Video highlights:

00:29 The ugly story

01:11    Shame, shame, shame on you!

02:00 My secret “Tipping Strategy”

03:34 Is tipping out of hand?

05:08 The most important job as an owner

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Michael Thibault

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