You might read every email you receive, I might scroll Instagram daily, others wait for their mail to arrive, and some prefer print ads. Most people aren’t thinking about your business until a marketing message catches their eye.

The trouble is you have no idea when or how your marketing strategy might strike a potential customer. Just because you put it out there doesn’t mean it will get seen, read, and ultimately acted upon. Whatever your desired result is.

How Do You Put The Odds In Your Favor

It’s no secret that to succeed in business today, you must use a multichannel approach for all your communication. Why? Because customers are inundated with messages from all directions and have very short attention spans. We’re like Ted Lasso’s goldfish reference; we have a ten-second memory. Actually, it’s more like 4 seconds now. I know less than a goldfish.

Your communication strategy needs to send the same message using different media formats so that they see it multiple times. You don’t know where or when your customers will be looking – so it’s important to be everywhere. They might be reading their email on their phone while waiting in line at the grocery store or browsing Facebook on their computer at work.

What Is Multimedia Marketing?

Multimedia marketing is a type of advertising that you create using a variety of media formats to reach existing and new customers. This includes direct mail, email, print ads, text messages, social media posts, and in-house marketing like posters, bill inserts, washroom signs, and promotional campaigns. You can use multiple channels to reach more people with your message and increase awareness.

The Importance Of Using Multiple Forms To Communicate With Your Customers

Consider all the marketing you see every day – it floods our inboxes and social media feeds. Half a pound of flyers are inserted in the newspaper, billboards line the freeway, and it seems like everything that moves has an advertisement. We are bombarded.

With so many businesses competing for attention, it’s essential to have multiple communication channels to reach as many people as possible. You need to use every tool at your disposal to get your message out there. Customers are using a variety of media formats to communicate, so you need to be where they are.

Not only does your marketing message need to be carried out on multiple channels, but it also needs to be compelling to make it stand out from all the other messages your customers are seeing.

Creating Multi-Media Marketing Campaigns

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a multimedia marketing campaign:

  • Have a strong headline that grabs their attention – we recommend incorporating your offer for the biggest impact.
  • Keep your message consistent across all channels. This means using the same images, colors, and overall look and feel in addition to the same offer and message.
  • Make your call to action clear and concise. You want customers to know what you want them to do, whether visiting your website, signing up for your email list, or making a purchase. Tell them exactly what to do.
  • Consider all the most common media formats and plan the messaging for each: direct mail, email, print ads, text messages, social media posts, and in-house marketing like posters, bill inserts, washroom signs, and promotional campaigns.
  • Don’t forget to make your staff aware of each marketing campaign. Give them all the details, and ensure they know how to redeem offers and the parameters. They should be the first to know – before marketing starts impacting your business.

Marketing Within Your Business

Often forgotten, or undervalued, is the marketing you can do within your business. The MOST valuable potential customers are those who have just spent money with you, know and like your customer experience, and are your existing customers. They are a captive audience; you can hand them a marketing offer, which costs you nothing more than the paper it’s printed on.

Existing customers already know what you do, like your product or service, and know how to get to you. New customers need far more convincing; they need a very compelling offer to modify their behavior, figure out where you are, and make an effort to get to you. Plus, you don’t know where they are or how to communicate directly with them – which takes more money, effort, and time.

Many business owners focus on the lure of new customers, thinking it will solve their sales growth, and you need a steady stream of new customers. But, before spending money on new customer acquisition, you must build an iron cage around your existing customers, getting them to return repeatedly and boosting customer loyalty. Your sales goals aren’t going to be met with single transactions; you need people to spend money with you over and over again.

Our No Peeking campaign is an excellent example of maximizing your current customer base. It markets to your existing customers by giving them a bounce-back offer immediately after they have spent money with you. It is given to them to redeem the next time they visit within a predetermined window of time. It uses 4 walls marketing to get them intrigued and excited about the promotion. Then we supercharge the promotion by providing a follow-up email program and social media posts. This way, anyone who visits your business in December has a high likelihood of returning in January – increasing sales in a typically slow season.

Think Wider

To be successful in business today, it is essential to use a multichannel approach for your communication to hit all of your target audience. Cast a wide net. You’ll have more success reaching customers using a variety of media formats, including direct mail, email, print ads, text messages, social media posts, and in-house marketing like posters and bill inserts. Marketing takes cohesive wide coverage to ensure that your message gets responded to.

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Michael Thibault

Michael Thibault

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