Can you get your customers to leave their warm, cozy, comfortable homes, fight traffic, and pass by 30 other restaurants in a car for an hour to come to your restaurant?

I will show you the three things you absolutely must have at your restaurant to get your customers willing to drive an hour to come see you and give you money.

If you’re missing even one of these, it won’t work.

Check out this week’s Mike’s Money-Making Minutes.


Video highlights:

00:43 The right question to ask yourself.
01:34 How this restaurant gets me to drive an hour twice a month.
02:53 The first thing you have to give your customers to get them in.
04:06 Second thing (this is a big one) you must have in place.
05:51 Bet you never thought of this one, but it’s crucial.

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Michael Thibault

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