How do new customers find you, if you have a restaurant, auto repair shop, or retail store?

Do you really know?

Have you been through the process of your customer journey?

It’s mind-blowing that 98.7% of your new customers do the same thing when searching for businesses just like yours.

And believe it or not, the type of business you’re in, or your location doesn’t really matter.

The important core concept to remember is that new customers find you the same way they also find your competitor.

You want to know exactly how they find you to give you money and what they see concerning your business and your competitors.

Understanding this process will give you the power to dominate your local market.

Watch this week’s Mike’s Money Making Minutes as I go through this exact process to find a restaurant to try in sunny Pasadena.

Video highlights:

00:15 Sunshine and Rainbows.

00:57 The #1 way I find that perfect restaurant (it’s the same as your new customers.)

02:20 My client “Jillian” from Congdon’s does her imitation of an angel floating across my screen.

02:51 Gary and his dog, Blue.

03:07 How you can see exactly what your customers do.


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Michael Thibault

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