How I Almost Got My Butt Kicked By A Yelp Rep

Howdy, I have a funny story for you from the L.A. Food Show, where I was speaking earlier this week. It's when a Yelp Rep who was at the show didn’t take kindly to my presentation. Also, I tell you how many people are using Yelp monthly, (you won’t believe the numbers) and how [...]

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3 Cheap Ways To Get New Customers

We're all looking for the Holy Grail of how to get new customers, quick and cheap. Something that works, month-in and month-out, that can be automated. But first, you need to know where your customers are looking for your business and your business category. So, I will give you a few ideas that you can [...]

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Someone just tore up your business on Yelp…now what?

Hey, we've all been there. Someone comes into your business. They might be having a bad day, one of your staff says something they take the wrong way, maybe their oil change took an extra 5 minutes, or they didn’t like the temperature of the soup. They take to the power of Yelp to voice [...]

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Do You Know Which Review Sites Your Customers Check First?

Believe or not, 6 out of 10 consumers check Google reviews before any other review site. Or any other site for that matter. Yes, I know it’s like hearing a broken record, but Google is King, Queen, Rook, Knight, and Pawn - pretty much the whole game when it comes to online searches. Over 76%! [...]

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Will Your First Impression Be Your Last

Interesting question, isn’t it? Especially when it comes to your new customers. What is your first impression when it comes to meeting your new customers? What is the first point of contact for your business when a new customer is looking for you? Do they even know you at that point? What do they [...]

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