What’s Your Findability Score?

Someone once wrote, “A good reputation is more valuable than money.” That bit of wisdom has been proven time and again. From small restaurants to big car companies, nothing can affect a business’s bottom line faster than a reputation gone sour. But many entrepreneurs forget that reputation can also play a big role in a [...]

What Your Best Customers Won’t Tell You

First email blog post of the year. Very exciting! Hope you had a great New Year. I just wanted to tell you I appreciate you and thanks for reading my weekly blog posts. This post is writing from your customers point of view. You know, the one who smiles and says everything is awesome [...]

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How I Almost Got My Butt Kicked By A Yelp Rep

Howdy, I have a funny story for you from the L.A. Food Show, where I was speaking earlier this week. It's when a Yelp Rep who was at the show didn’t take kindly to my presentation. Also, I tell you how many people are using Yelp monthly, (you won’t believe the numbers) and how [...]

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3 Cheap Ways To Get New Customers

We're all looking for the Holy Grail of how to get new customers, quick and cheap. Something that works, month-in and month-out, that can be automated. But first, you need to know where your customers are looking for your business and your business category. So, I will give you a few ideas that you can [...]

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Insider Secrets From The World’s Top Marketers

I just got back from speaking at my friend and mentor, Bill Glazer’s, event for his new book launch, "Outrageous Marketing Campaigns" in San Diego this week. I wrote a chapter about one of the campaigns that we use here at DFY Marketing Systems. Bill wrote the book and put on a live event to [...]

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