Remember The $700 Billion Dollar Bailout?

Let me ask you a question… Do you have a rich uncle that can bail you out when things get tough? Someone that has deep pockets that can shower you with cash so you can ride out the storm? It sure would be nice to have someone like that to pump massive amounts of [...]

2.7 Seconds. That’s All You Have

I am literally writing this on the plane as I fly back to the frozen tundra I call home…Michigan. That’s one of the states where the polar vortex hit this week. My daughter sent me a cool video of throwing a glass of water in the air and it froze before hitting the ground. [...]

What’s Your Findability Score?

Someone once wrote, “A good reputation is more valuable than money.” That bit of wisdom has been proven time and again. From small restaurants to big car companies, nothing can affect a business’s bottom line faster than a reputation gone sour. But many entrepreneurs forget that reputation can also play a big role in a [...]

What Your Best Customers Won’t Tell You

First email blog post of the year. Very exciting! Hope you had a great New Year. I just wanted to tell you I appreciate you and thanks for reading my weekly blog posts. This post is writing from your customers point of view. You know, the one who smiles and says everything is awesome [...]