What Your Best Customers Won’t Tell You

First email blog post of the year. Very exciting! Hope you had a great New Year. I just wanted to tell you I appreciate you and thanks for reading my weekly blog posts. This post is writing from your customers point of view. You know, the one who smiles and says everything is awesome [...]

Someone just tore up your business on Yelp…now what?

Hey, we've all been there. Someone comes into your business. They might be having a bad day, one of your staff says something they take the wrong way, maybe their oil change took an extra 5 minutes, or they didn’t like the temperature of the soup. They take to the power of Yelp to voice [...]

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Will Your First Impression Be Your Last

Interesting question, isn’t it? Especially when it comes to your new customers. What is your first impression when it comes to meeting your new customers? What is the first point of contact for your business when a new customer is looking for you? Do they even know you at that point? What do they [...]

The One Question That Could Change Your Business Forever

I have met with many new clients for our Online Review Management systems this week and have interviewed some High-Level clients that are interested in our Platinum program. I love doing this because it gives me a very clear perspective on where our clients are and what they need to increase their sales. Here is [...]

Don’t Make This Mistake When Asking For A Review

Ok, if you have been reading my blogs for the past 2 years then you know how important reviews are to the success of your business in attracting new customers. No surprise there, I know you get it, so I won’t go on and on about how important reviews are to your sales. What [...]